Hi, I’ve been wanting to start a blog for a while again since my google blog was taken away by google when I didn’t have internet for about 2 yrs.

I have missed being online and reading all my blogs I follow, so much. I’m not much of a commenter though. I am too sensitive. I would like to get a response if the blog writer responds to every comment. I know this is far from common. So, sometimes, when I find a good read, if I see the blog person responds to every comment, and only if I have something relevant to say, I will comment.

   I never get a response….

That has absolutely no where to go.

Moving on.

  (The last four sentences are on their own lines, I don’t know if they will stay that way or not)

Oh, yeah, I guess it does. I am HFA (High functioning Autistic) and I don’t fit in anywhere, yet, I love being everywhere online. I love finding blogs that need Prayer for a little one. Regular blogs with pregnant ladies, I Pray for you too. I even will now take requests to Pray for you, if you have any. 

  I am a Mom with an adopted daughter that is 23 now, who has RAD (reactive attatchment disorder). She has given me 4 grand children of which she is parenting one. My grandaugher.


  This lil gal, of the four, is the only one I haven’t met. I was there when her 3rd, was born. Amazing experience. I didn’t adopt my kid until she was an older teen. She didn’t bond at all. I try to be here for her but it is truly heart breaking as she doesn’t trust me, or anyone at all.

I have no biological children. I tried for a while, but I had PCOS, IC, Endometriosis and a nak for miscarriage. Around age 34 I realized how hard life was for me and not delving into it now, I decided the endo surgeries and pain were too much and did I really want a baby to grow up with any of my pain and I chose to get a hysterechtomy. Which is when I found bloggers that were trying to conceive. I found d..oo.#4ce and both Julie and julias and been a fan ever since. I wanted them and you! To all get your take home babies. I love reading about your stories. I love Praying for you and seeing mostly amazingly super results. I am 43, I will never get my take home baby. And I have learned to deal with it.

I wrote down a bunch of topics I want to write on. I want to write like you all do. I want to have followers, supporters and I have some college writing books I got for when I really start to blog, which is now! So I will try to learn to write better, instead of this jumbled mess. When? Soon I hope. But I will write until then for the simple joy of finally being able to write again.


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