Ok, gratuitous puppy pic too. That blankie she is laying on, its my new love. The blue one pictured in the previous post is my former love. Though its right here next to me at the moment.

Fun part: I got this blanket last week. It took around 5 days to get it washed, (the washer\dryer was in use all that time, ugh) and now its fuzzy goodness is warming me up.

Autism and my blanket. Also known as the not so fun part. I NEED my blanket. I need it to be soft as I cannot touch some materials with out freaking out and some even give me goose bumps. I can THINK about some materials touching me and get goose bumps. When I am stressed out, rubbing the blanket or putting the material between my fingers and focusing on the soft can help me calm down.  My blue blanket fit the bill until this new one. The blue one was the softest one I had found. And now, I can’t quite believe it but this one, way softer. Just glanceing over at ole blue now I wonder how it was enough? 

I have some pretty cool blankets around here. One with a lion on it. It is blacking out the window in my room. I love lying in bed looking up at the lion. Though the texture makes it impossible for me to use. So I am very happy I finally got a pretty blanket I can use.

Also, do NOT touch, or move my blanket or you will hear me screaming in the next town, where the bleep is my blanket.

And another pic for you of one of our rescue dogs, Olive, before she had fur. Of course more on her soon.



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