Run day!


Awesome day. As previously mentioned, we are scrappers, scrap happy to say the least. I do not go usually on Tuesday morning, I go on Monday night. So, its sorta like Christmas mornings when I was a young kiddo. I never know what’s going to come. I will get back to that. First I want to explain, that where we live, its bulk trash 2 xs a week. And wow the things people throw out. Its crazy, and of course awesome for us. Ref: pic above. Last week on Monday night, hubby saw a bag of what he thought was baby clothes. We got it and upon getting home I checked it out. Dog Bed, gently used\chewed dog toys, baby blankets and that awesome purple blanket. SCORE! We find everything. Our goal is scrappable metals, GOLD (Yep, people throw broken jewlry out) cords, brass, copper and so on. The bonus is clothes, shoes, pictures, all sorts of stuff. So today, I sit here waiting to see what hubby finds. I am excited! ( I will share in another post later) (NEXT POST: my blanket, my love or WHERE THE BLEEP IS MY BLANKET)


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