I wish I was talking about Donald Trumps’ and my bank account being friends. But no. What I am talking about is what I term, being alergic to my environment. Transferring is just one facet of SPD\autism that I personally struggle with.

When I am one place, I have trouble getting up and stopping what I am doing and going to another spot. These are usually spots in my house. Tonight it was, stopping working on scrapping, metals, not books. And then just coming in to my couch.  I cannot seem to find the words to describe just how rough this is on me. Tonight I could not stop until I had crushed all the ends off the cords to get the motors out. My hubby came out and told me a few times to stop and come in. In my defense, he did say we would work late tonight because we need to get a load (of scrap) to the scrap yard.

What finally got me in, is one, I finished and two I was actually looking forward to writing a blog post about it. I hope my being able to put things into words may help someone understand their child, friend, relative and so on.  I am aware my ability to word things like others isn’t always the same but I hope I get what I want to say across all the same.

Taylor is with us 24\7 as much her desire now as is mine. Today she was our junk yard dog and since I love to see pictures on other blogs, I didn’t want to disappoint, so here’s my baby.


This is a photographers dog. My husband was behind me getting her to look at him because she vehemently dislikes having her picture taken and 95% of my pictures of her are of her looking elsewhere.


5 thoughts on “Transferring

  1. ” I hope my being able to put things into words may help someone understand their child, friend, relative and so on. ”

    You’ve helped me understand an aspect of myself – thank you! (Glad I found your site, I found you by clicking through from your comment on would you believe!)

    • I am so happy I could help. Please share if you like. I would love to hear the aspect your talking about. I love how you found me. is a great blog.

      • Well, it is the difficulty with stopping doing one thing, to move off to do something else. I can wear myself out as it is often when doing something physically exerting or mentally absorbing. I agree about the blog, I was waiting for the next post to come out, which it just has, as I didn’t realize quite how much I like those controversial issues to talk about! Thank you for inviting me to share. I would never have thought of this aspect of myself as being an autistic trait. I am keen to learn more. I expect it is not as ‘rough’ for me in the way it is for those with autism. I would be surprised if I were actually autistic in some way, I have not considered it before. All the best to you. Love the puppy pics by the way.

    • I will keep the puppy pictures coming then. And omgosh, I know what you mean about going to exaustion. I looked up a test, basic I guess for you. it might help you see if you are on the spectrum. If your comfortable sharing the results please do. I got 33 and for me, I have known for years so many things that are considered spectrum, I have over cme, like eye contact. I hate it, but I do it!

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