Hold your hands in front of you and twist them side to side and you have my all done sign. I am doing that like crazy right now.

  I have screamed out loud twice. Not something I normaly do but the first time felt sooooo good, I did it again.

  We don’t get take out often. We got Wendys’ dollar menu and as a once every few years treat, hubs brought me a strawberry shake and first Taylor tried it, then my cat Cammie, then Olive and then “I don’t know” (the pup, which isn’t much bigger than a flea and she managed to get to my table to have her share. I screamed when Cammie did it as she knocked my spoon over and startled me and Olive, she’s my problem child.  I am so frazzled tht said shake is in the fridge.

  I am so over done that I told my husband to either quit clearing his throat or remove himself from the media room. Thankfully he quit as I didn’t want him to wake “I don’t know” aka Ida Kaye or No No. My neighbors were unable to keep her so she is my Husbands 36th birthday gift.


We do not need a 4th dog. I took her in my rescue and now I have four girl dogs and 4 of those are rescue fails. I will do my best to make the most of it, enjoy them and let them be blog fodder.


I am going to take a 25 mg seraquil and calm down. I get hurt (we interupt this sentence to tell you, Ida is sucking on her paw,hubs wanted to show me that) sometimes when I am over done and I also chuck things. Last wk was my phone. I was sooo scared because I could have broken it and then my heart would have broken too.

Tomorrow has to start with me well rested and not ALL DONE. I Pray.


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