Pidgeon our darling, we miss you already.

Today we said good bye to an old gal that we came to adore. Our little Pidgy poo. I came up with the name Maggie May for her and when I sent my best friend her picture I was so shocked when she suggested Maggie May also. So Maggie May it was but her call name was always Pidgeon.

This was Pidg,s last picture…welcoming our newest member to the family.


   This is not an easy thing for me ever. I run a small rescue. This girl came in back in November. She was laying on the side of the road and she was near the woods and someone put a bowl of water near her.  I tried to pick her up and she bit me. And today at the end when Dr. G was done with her sleep shot I went to say a final good bye and she bit me again. I thought it was perfect for her. Dr. G said, she must have thought it was him, and I said nope, she bit me all the time. She was miserable. Her mouth hurt her and her eye, the one she was blind in, seemed horribly uncomfortable.

We were blessed to have 2 other rescues sponser her and in Nov she was vetted, spayed and had teeth work done. She came to us with pnemonia, long long nails, bad teeth and a lot of stuff that sucked that she suffered. She was only with us 4 mos. She enjoyed some great moments. It took 3 mos for me to get my first kiss from her. Then I got another one a few days later. And she closed the kisses down. She was more of a curmudgeon, (can a girl be one? I don’t think so but it fits) then anything. She loved bathes and food. We bought her a few bacon cheeseburgers and I shared my whopper with her at the vets. She ate so well then went into a pretty bad spell and we were rushed in the office.

She is buried in the woods behind our house. Her sisters got to go out and say good bye also.


Thank you for visiting and reading. I am Thankful your all here. My honey and our babies are going to watch a movie and just be…..


2 thoughts on “Pidgeon our darling, we miss you already.

  1. Kandi i have faith in what you did was with a love a mother gives a child tender and carving always .in the best interest of your babys .. rest in peace Maggie may you’ll be in our hearts forever

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