Family Man


I asked my S.O (significant other) what to write about. It was rhetorical but he said I should write about how wonderful my husband is. Isn’t he handsome?

  I appreciate the things he does. With me being on the spectrum I know I make his life difficult on so many levels. I do believe though that he would rather me as I am, honest.  Which, I could talk about him, and one day I will but today, I am going to talk about the thing I believe keeps us in good standing. Honesty.

Honesty…. taking a slight detour here to talk about my autism. I am honest. I used to pride myself on being the person any one could trust to tell the truth. About 8 yrs ago I found out that my extreme honesty was actually a symptom (for lack of a better word I can find) of my autism. I was hurt by this. I thought it was a character trait of me. It is so ingrained in me to be honest. My Mom, spent a lot of time teaching me to value the truth. To this day, if she buys, cooks or in any way tried to do something nice for me, and I don’t like it, I just tell her the truth. She taught me that if you tell the truth then you won’t get the same crap again. If you lie, oh I love this meal, yummy! You will most definitely get it again.

I hate being lied to. Another thing I inherited with this dang autism is I am a walking lie detector. I just know when I am being lied to. Fun times. NOT.

I think I ran out of things to say on honesty. So I will end the post now.


6 thoughts on “Family Man

  1. Hay kandi ..
    tay looks content n look good with him ..hobby picture is different than the one with the birthday pup he looked thin n dark headed ..or is it just me !?
    state repsentive called me last night around ten ..we’ve told her every little thing that’s gone wrong at youthvill ..its not that a person looks for things wrong but pretty darn hard not to see when they blantenly slap you in face with conderdiction to what they should be doing and for sure aren’t ..they treat you like a fish on hook your not the pertraider but they lie and really make you feel like you are there should have something you could have done way before this happen ..its like maybe we could have saved these four wonderful kids the very hell they are going though being switched to alot of different places from what we hear none are what youthvill expects from you to get them placed ..five bedroom car job yes i realize that’s what less then a third of population can deal with much more are out of jobs lost their homes what they do is give you hope that maybe then pull on line to take that hope and cram it down your neck ..worst part is that these kids mother is going along her merry little way the kids even ask after eight mo no they wonder how dare they all training they do before they get adopted out to only the lord knows but nether side of that family is eleable for it ..strange tho there are some people who feel that youthvill is a wonderful they don’t do a indeft study of everyone that’s involved with these kids when put into ..a lot of the times what they is right in their home isn’t by a very long ways from it ..saint frances isn’t any better with working with a person that srs hot lines are in most cases things could have been better if srs would have noted what they was sent out to persons home for and didn’t

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