Barnacle Babe

I said I was going to write about my babies and tell you their stories so I will start with the eldest first.

Camerone “Sleet” Rose


  This is my girl. She will be 7 on July 17th. Her Mom was a neighbors cat that she couldn’t keep so I took her in so she could have her kittens with me.  Her name was Haily so I did a spell change on her name and called her “Hail Lee” as her kittens were already going to get storm themed names.

Hail lee had her babies in my bathroom with me there for comfort and help. She had quite the variety and one little boy that was born, I named “Hurricane” and he was my pick of the litter, a beautiful russian blue. They stayed upstairs till another cat, a foster cat I was asked to midwife for as the owners other cat didn’t fair well with her kittens, was due to have her babies and she got the bathroom. At this time, Hail was moved to the basement.

The kittens were only 3 wks old and all but one was content to stay downstairs and wait for my many visits to see them. “Sleet” aka now Cammie, would climb all those stairs and then climb up my leg all the way to my shoulder and that is where she would stay as long as I would let her earning her the nick name Barnacle Babe. Hurricane never did take a special interest in me so instead of me choosing a kitten, one chose me. Almost seven years later and I am so glad she did.

And that is the story of how I got my girl. I have plenty more Cam stories but first I want to get the stories up of how we got each of our babies.

It always tickles me when I think I chose one and another chose me. You just never know.



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