Happy Easter everyone.

Today for me was spent on my couch wishing my face would stop hurting. Only thing worse for me is a migraine.

I talked to my Mom today and her back is hurt. She lifted her treadmill and heard a snap. She is 69 yrs old and the most in shape person I know. She should be going to the doctor tomorrow. If you read this please Pray my Mom is ok and heals quick.

Also found out my cat Allie is very sick and she too goes to the Doc tomorrow. She is almost or is 15 now. She lived with me for 13 years and when I became homeless a few years ago and not for lack of funds, All 3 of my girls stayed with me at my Moms and when I left Allie ran from me and my Mom felt the same way, so she has Allie with her. I am really upset because I wanted to drive the 5 hr round trip to see her but I was afraid it would kill me if she snubbed me again. I will have more news on her tomorrow. Pray for her too please.

We were supposed to go to my in-laws today for dinner but I was feeling, still am feeling like crap. So hubby went and brought back dinner. Turkey, sweet potatoes, pork, green bean casserole (my favorite) and deviled eggs. Very good.

I hope every one who reads this had a Blessed day.



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