Puppy Rage…Part 1

Good thing I’m a dog trainer. I used to train guard dogs and do obedience work also. I once won a bet by training a Dalmatian for guard work, fully by about 7 mos. She wouldn’t even take food to be stopped after I gave the attack command, it only took me a week.

I want to talk about “I Don’t Know” and her anger. She is the third dog in my 43 years that I have met that was so angry, so young. The first one was “Bonkers”. After sinking a ton of money in “Bonkers”, by 8 weeks I knew she couldn’t stay. I had a pack of Pit Bulls that were amazing and this crazy little puppy with absolutely no call off. I placed her as an only dog because she was simply great with people. Just not other dogs.

The second one was “Rachael Ann”. Her Story is way longer because she was with us for 10 years, from birth to death. Condensed version, I ran a grooming shop and a police officer friend came to get me becaue there was a drug raid and they couldn’t get the Rotteweiler off the premises. I have no fear and something about my autism and I just don’t get bit much. I got her back to my grooming shop and noticed she was pregnant, so I let her stay to birth. So this crazy dog goes to give birth and starts eating her babies. I tied her head away from the birthing area and delivered the other 2 pups. Ray was born still. I worked on her for a half an hour and got her breathing. I docked all their tails and dew claws and our family decided to keep miss Ray. By ten days old if you touched the side of her face she would go insane. At 5 wks she was already jumping bad with My Moms CAR, SHE WAS TRULY NUTS. I told her many times in her life that “I brought you into the world I can take you out!” She was Blessed (as we were) that she came into a whole family of knowledgable dog people. She never bit a stranger. Oh how she would have, but we made sure it never happened. She was my spud. That’s what she looked like when she was little.


End of Part 1 angry pup…


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