Puppy rage part 2 0r I’m a shaking leaf


This is Olivia, a mere mite of a dog. I trust her. She is part of my pack. Dh is off scrapping and I am just waking up to the pup free range. Yeah she has us beat already. I cannot pin her up at night becaue we share walls with 2 other people. Yes I live in the country but I do it from the center apt of a triplex. She is definitely locked up now. Not as punishment but because its almost noon and I have to do my training during the day. As an aside, I asked hubby last night if Olive was free range and he said no he had put her up. I was upset, not at him but the fact Olive gets to watch Ida run and piss everywhere. And no, its not, ok it is as bad as it sounds. Bleh, so he said, but the puppy pee is so tiny, (seriously, like a mouse with a bladder the size of the head of a pin) and Olive pees bigger pee’s, well at least my dog is decent enough to leave it all in one place. Yeah, I was just so over stimmed I was bitch-y. So the pup just cried at the door and is currently doing her business outside, wonder if she knows I’m writing about her? Lol wow! Ok what really upset me is my two older girls play and care for the pup, each in my mind, being leaders of the pup and then this morning the pup over powered Olivia and Olivia was a crying shaking wreck. I have never met a more angry pup. (Except Ray Ann and Bonkers) I took her in my lap, flipped her on her back and held her there for a few, I had calm in my mind so the pup didn’t feel any emotions except Mama is in charge. We have our hands full. Since the starting of writing this, Olivia and Ida have played some more and Olive mounted her several times and humped. This is a good sign to me that Olive wants to be the pups alpha so hopefully we can all teach this little girl love and stability.


Sleeping babies are awesome. End of Part 2. This will be an ongoing theme until we know how her personality will be.


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