Pictures of the day


This is Skitz our only boy fur kid. He can be described as whimsical.


My DD when she was a kiddo.


A beautiful Pit Bull that was in a truck next to us at the local gas station. Such a sweetie.


Maddie, my in laws mastiff. She is so calm and loves to be loved on. She goes for a swim in the canal every day.


Pidgeon, may she rest peacefully, decorated for Christmas. She was game for anything I threw her way.


Tay who sleeps like us on her pillow, in her bed.


Also on the toddler bed. Such a great spirit.

That’s all for now. Hope you enjoyed.


2 thoughts on “Pictures of the day

  1. Kandi i love the cats markings n those can tell it all Maggie shouldn’t be swimming where she is she’s going to alligator food cause they swim in them also …careful on that count ..

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