Puppy Rage part 4 and on going


How can someone so cute be so mean? Last night she attacked my DH for picking her up. Left a long tooth cut in his hand.


Just because he wanted to give her love. This is full on, if she were a big dog she would have an appointment with a needle, aggression.

She cannot live with me much longer. I cannot physically do the work. I am mostly couch ridden, I managed to not need a wheel chair any longer a few years ago, though I still use a cane or walker on really bad days. That is my easy explaination for quitting on her. The simple truth. BUT… I am also not willing to put my other animals at risk either. And I do not know if there is a real or just perceived threat here since right now her damage is minimal.  I run a rescue. I need space for rescues. I can come up with good solid reasons all day long to not do this.

  I just need to take this one day at a time. I’m going to try to be the best Mom I can be for 24 more hours. Please if your reading this and have any advice, I am open. I will also let her be rehomed with another rescue that is reputable with experience. If she is with me and she gets bigger and is still like this, I will, as heart breaking as it is, have her euthanised.

Remember, I am not giving up. Part 5 tomorrow.



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