Waking up is hard to do, also, Puppy Rage Part 5

I love sleeping. I love dreaming.


  I dreamed I saved a cat, that looks like my cat, that was hit by a car. In my dream I didn’t see him get hit, he was on the side of the road by the time I showed up and my cat was giving him a comforting kitty lickin bath, he seemed very grateful I showed up. Like he had human understanding in his eyes and could talk to me through them and I understood. In the dream it was english he spoke through those eyes and it was easy to understand.

  I know what caused the english thinking and transference to me. Yesterday when I wrote about Ida (angry pup) I kept thinking if she were 6 mos old I could reason with her. I could talk to her. I could shake some sense into her or I could flip her gently on her side, and put the fear of Mama in her. Show her I’m the boss. To save her life. I cannot handle being bit because I want to smother kisses all over my pups cute little face. I want puppy kisses and the smell of puppy breath that only lasts a short time. Romping (her) in the grass and when I’m ready to come in, to be able to reach down and lift my pup in my arms to go inside without worrying over the wrath of said pup when I dare to pick her up. This pup is like a bad dream, one where you have a sweet little newborn baby and it turns into a blood sucking vampire before your eyes and you wake up in a cold sweat, just as the baby is ripping into your flesh.  Except this isn’t a dream. She’s real. My DH said she has two personalities and one of them is a demon.

I did get a snuggle yesterday. Daddy accidently stepped on her and I rushed over to comfort her and when daddy came over and begged her for a kiss she snubbed him and snuggled into my neck. Sweet bliss. And then she forgave him just as quick and was back in his arms. She gave him a lick and a nip, I guess for good measure.

  Right now the daddy and the angry one are out scrapping.

She had around four episodes of “the angry” yesterday. One of those, nope, two were so bad she couldn’t be talked down. One for me and one for daddy. For me she was in my lap getting love and then I guess she was done, she walked toward the edge of my lap and when I went to pick her up to set her on the floor, she lost it. And I tried to gently put my fingers around her mouth to shut it and tell her “No Bite” and she just got more pissed. I set her down. There is no reasoning with her yet.

I don’t know what happened with daddy but she was raging and he gently flipped her on her back and she went bat shit crazy. Again, no reasoning with her yet.

I am a professional dog trainer. This pup makes me feel like I know nothing!



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