Puppy rage part 6


I sent an email to badrap.org today. The website has some helpful stuff that I am going to try. I have only used the NILIF (nothing in life is free) sparingly because my training methods have worked for me to provide obedient dogs that fit mine and those I have trained for’ life styles.


Starting today, Ida will not be allowed on the couch or bed, and I will be leash training her. She shouldn’t even be away from her Mom. I cannot even get a birthday on her though she appeared about 4 or 5 wks when she came here.

I am a bit hesitant, (can’t wait to ask if this is good for her age as I cannot find anything dealing with this problem at this young age on the internet.)

Ida will bite on the floor as well as when she is held so I am at a loss but I have to try everything.

Yesterday I got attacked twice. Once while she was outside on the grass and I tried to take a stick away from her. She bit me and ran. The second time was when I walked in th house with her in my arms and she just snapped for no “apparent” reason. She tore into my arm and started growling and shaking me while latched on tightly. I scruffed her, gave her swats on her leg and dropped her in the clothes basket whil my family watched in horror. My Mother in law kept saying, did you see that? She attacked her! No one can believe this tiny pup is so angry.

My husband is such a laid back guy that when she attacked him yesterday and bit him in the face he just told her she was awful and put her away. There was
blood! My husband told me, “you are the only one that thinks the way you do!” In response to me talking about euthanasia. I am autistic, not a moron and I am not the only one. I am trying day by day to get her to an age where I feel it is finally hopelss OR wow she is so much better. Hubs birthday is tomorrow as is our second wedding anniversary and we both desire to raise a “baby” together. We both want it to be her. 


This pup has already been vetted, vaccinated and wormed. Oh and she came to us with a broken tail. Our vet, Dr.G said probably a birth injury but I told him her tail is so sensitive that he agreed that it is possible it is a newer injury.


She seems a bit nervous or curious about being up off the floor.


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