Pictures of the day

I love pictures on other blogs. They say so much about the people who post them. One I saw yesterday of a little one showed the Moms major talent with the camera. My good camera is dead. It lived a good 10 yrs and cost my Mom around 1,000.00 back then. I am so Blessed to have had her do that for me and now its up to me to get it together and save for a new camera. So until then, (so not happening anytime soon unfortunately) I will be posting from my camera phone, which sense I know your wondering, my Mom got it for me 2 yrs ago this August. I do hope you enjoy.

My Taylor.



The Camcorder.


Skitzle. He is my only baby that will stay perfectly still anytime I ask for a picture. And tolerates my silliness.



My girl, smiling for once.

Our little punk..


Saying the end for now.

God Bless you all in great health.


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