Puppy Rage part 7 or the tide may be turning.

Today is April 7, 2013 and I haven’t been able to figure out how to set the date right. The last 24 hours have been great. I decided to feed mighty tiny pup, by hand. I haven’t the ability to go full on NILIF (Nothing in life is free), but this seems to be working. I also Prayed for and over her. I have seen many miracles through Prayer. Skitz is one. I will talk about his Miracle on his intro whenever I manage to get to it. So, after I read on badrap.org, which yes, they did get back to me and was even kind enough to come here and read up on our little darlin’, but they cannot give advice (their website? Not advice I guess lol) without meeting the punk!in, and I am not someone who can afford to pay for advice so I’m going it alone. BUT…..24 hours without the wrath of Ida, I will take the victory and run with it.


I have chosen to only allow her sustenance to come directly from me. She started her first meal in a hissy fit of trying to make me drop her food by hitting my hand with her nose. I kept picking up the nuggets and putting them in my hand again. She finally accepted it and now she comes to me and barks (she found her voice last night lol, great timing!) for her meals. I gently pet her a few times while I am feeding her and it has worked like a charm. I want to explain the gentle and only a few pets. I have SPD (Sensory Processing Disorder), so I am putting the way I feel when I am over done into how I train her. I cannot handle being talked to when I eat, so I naturally go easy on her. I will, in a few days, start pestering her so I know tht she is\will be, bomb proof with her food. I don’t want a food agro doggie. Sooo, again, 24 hours of noooo being a meanie pie meanie head! Yay! Ida is a Pit Bull\ Boxer mix, and I hope she will end up being a good one.



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