Puppy r..a…g….e. 48 hrs of

Good puppy!

Ida has been here now going on 2 wks, sometime this week. She is finally behaving like I wish her to. Which is more like a normal puppy terror who tests their bounds by tasting everything I own, instead of trying to eat my limbs. Now I can redirect her with a toy instead of a time out. I’m a very happy puppy care taker.

Giving the pup someting to do. She is a wild child and is constant motion. The other day when she came flying into our media room, she jumped over the bottom bar of our dining room chair, with ease.

Just for the record, I love the sound of “media room”. Though its a tiny room filled with a couch, tv and a ton of VHS Tapes since we don’t have cable. If you lean forward from the couch you can touch the Tv and anything else in the room.


Back to Ida Kaye, we have a jumper on our hands. I was designing scaled down agility equipment on paper yesterday and was planning on getting rich. Till I looked it up online and realized, of course, a lot of someones have already made my idea. The worst is I cannot even afford one tiny scaled down piece. The A Frame is almost 500 dollars and 60 lbs. So I went out side to look through our scrap pile and found a top to a potty chair that is perfect. Two tiny jumps to work with. I tried Ida on the first one but Tay decided to show her how its done and Taylor mastered it in a second. Ida got it pretty quick and Olive walked around to the middle for the food treat I was offering. So, is Taylor & Ida smarter, or is Olivia? Hehe



That’s the jump, and the best pic I can get at the moment.


All done.¬† Too much going on around me. I can’t think. Today is April 8, 2013 and for all that is good I cannot figure out how to get the date right, I use the wordpress app on my android phone if anyone has a fix for it. I would appreciate it.


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