Days like these


I woke up wrong. Autism. Let’s talk about it. Four in the afternoon and I haven’t been able to txt my best friend. I have exciting news for her, she is going to get the little Mickey we found yesterday.


There is nothing bad that can come from texting ones best friend right? Well, wrong, if your me. The simple act of my phone alerting me of an incoming text is more than I can handle right now. I woke up to noise and nutty puppy in my room. Which means I was over stimulated before I even crawled out of bed. For me, this colors my whole day. My body is on super alert for an attack. I watched ET today and the noise from the scene where they are all dressed in white, trying to save ET, had me a shaking, hot, sweaty mess. Sensory Perception Disorder At its unkindest. I want to get up and go through the bags hubby brought me from his run yesterday, I can’t move though, I’m all icky and shakey. I hope before bed to get some of the mess cleaned.


My hubby doesn’t get it all the way yet. I am on the verge of losing it. I can’t handle being so over done like this and I asked him to take Ida out to work with him in the yard. He go upset and asked me if he should stop working. He’s sick too. So working is hit or miss and it feels like some kind of head game when he always throws that in my face no matter what it is I ask him when it comes to him not doing something that will hurt my senses. So he says, I don’t care, ill stop working. So I can suck up the sensory over load or suck up him stopping working. So frustrating for us both. Stupid autism.

So, to finish up. I am stuck on my couch today because my senses control my nervous system. That’s how it feels anyways, I wish for someway to be normal.


2 thoughts on “Days like these

  1. Kandi you are norn for you like it or not if he loves you n i think he does what’s going with you like you’ve said has Alot of ways to be different its sure as hell not easy for you .. And you could have texed me at.anytime you need to talk bout anything ..we.could.divine why together lol …hope you liked the ice pictures n it’s.sleeting out there again ..they said spring was here heck I’ve looked.everywhere for it can’t find it …maybe god decided to wrap it up in lots of ice you think ?? i can deal with it i guess if i …And Ty you so much really for.mickey im actually Haveing things i can.set out of my own ..watching the dark crystal a Jim Hanson movie love his. works

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