A mix


I sent my hubby off to stay at my in laws for the night. I have trouble doing anything when he is around. Its an autism thing, I just get over done so fast when he talks to me. Anyone really. I have trouble being on the phone fo the same reason. So when he is here, I live in a puddle on the couch. Before my pain got so bad, I could go out back and occupy myself. Now I do not have adequete pain control so I just sit inside and ride the ways of anxiety from noises that get to me, take the meds I have and wait for him to be outside and me to feel up to it so I can get a few things gone through from our scrapping.

Hubbys Grandma was back in the hospital fo swollen limbs and her bladder fell down further. She is waiting to get a ring to put it back up there but it isn’t in yet. They had to fit her and prep her body for it. So his Mom needed him to help get her in the house since they released her. She even came and got him.

  I had a full throttle, blue mountain dew and two of my butabaline pills and I managed to get 11 loads of laundry done and made myself my soothy Lipton side creamy chicken noodles. Oh and the big thing I did was went to the grocery store and spent too much money on shampoo, conditioner, laundry soap (all and Tide), Oxi Clean Stain Remover,  dish soap, dog treats and…hair color. I love it, see pic above, its not in your face an I don’t feel like I look older then I want to at this time. Oh yeah the Oxi Clean Stain Remover Spray is A ++, I used it on baby/little kids clothes and some were bad but the outfits were too cute to throw out and I was so happy with the results.

And it is 5:30 am so I better close for now. I will leave you with a cute puppy picture. Ida & Taylor.



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