Masticatory Muscle Myositis


This is the face of MMM.

As of 4 days ago, our little Ida Kaye started screaming out in her sleep. As of 2 days ago, she could no longer open her mouth more than a few centimeters. As of today she is being treated for MMM. Monday will bring us closer to our outcome as we should know by then if she will respond to treatment. As of now, she will barely eat. I have to medicate her every 8 hours with a large dose of antibiotics as she has a fever and is off her food. I blended her food into liquid, bought her an expensive type of can food that looks good enough for us to eat and she won’t have any part of it except a few tiny licks.


I am devastated. As is her Daddy. We are looking into transferring her to another rescue as soon as possible as the care for an MMM dog is beyond what we can afford. My rescue is called Last Chance because we only rescue dogs off the street. I made a jump decision to take in Ida because the people who asked me to take her have severe medical problems and I’ve seen medicine they have dropped on the floor due to dexterity issues. I couldn’t leave her there.  She is asleep by my bed now. Please Pray for this little girl. Aggression is a symptom of MMM that could be caused by a lesion on her brain. So angry pup was actually terminal pup and I just didn’t know it. I wish I knew how to do the fund raising and stuff so she could stay here but my phone is on its last legs and my mom broke her back and I wouldn’t dare ask for a new phone. When it rains it pours.


Again please Pray for my little darling.


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