Taylor’s gotcha story

The first pictures I have of my girl are from when her owner stopped by my house to show her to me. Her name was Tazz and I wish I had taken more than three pictures. I never knew then that she would be my heart dog. So here are the only pictures I have, and I think they are actually the only ones that even exist and they are precious to me. Of when she was a baby.




I babysat Tazz’s families kids. Three wonderful little girls that due to a move across country, I have lost touch with. They loved their puppy. She lived with them for 4 mos until the dad/step dad started (alledgedly) beating her for chewing up a back porch due to seperation anxiety, and locking her out alone in the snow. The Mom came to me and begged me to take her. I finally agreed 3 days later and told her I would take her as long as she knew I would be rehoming her through my rescue. She agreed.

  The night I brought her home, I had gone to get her and she was in the snow and locked out. We got her and brought her home. My friend Leo that took me to get her lent me a crate for her, brought us to my place and left me to get aquainted with Tazz. When I realized the date was December 13, the birthday of my favorite singer, Taylor Swift, I was a little surprised and a lot excited. The first nudge in my heart that maybe this girl was mine had hit me.

   I also decided to change her name to Taylor. I didn’t want to confuse her so I worked really hard on a temp name that would note my heart was already becoming hers and came to “Tas”, which is Taylor Swifts initials. My girl became Taylor Abigail Storm with being called Tas and Taylor intermittintly.

That first night broke my heart. Taylor was so scared to go outside alone that for three days I had to go out in the snow with her to show her that I wasn’t going to abandon her to freeze. After those 3 days she seemed to know she was mine, no more thoughts of rehoming her, she fit me like a glove, and she realized she loved the snow.


We actually got to go to my first concert ever 4 mos later,  Taylor Swift concert and so Blessed, Miss Swift came right up to me and told me she loved me! We love her too and I’ve never regretted naming my girl after her and her best friend Abigail. And years later, we are bonded and happy and she is the best dog ever.

  She is a wolf hybrid, and I managed to find her parents and got a few pictures. The Dad was left outside on a thick chain and his poor ear was chewed off by flies.


Sorry I dint get a better picture.

And her Mom, Lakoda was treated like a princess and kept inside.



So that is Taylors gotcha story. She never destroyed my house or used the bathroom inside. She has to this day been great. I am glad I am hers!


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