Picture of the day, mini Ida update

I have a lot going on. Trying to move if possible. Packing, cause I’m hopeful. So I wanted to take the time to get a post up.

Tonight I turned around for a moment and caught Ida, who thinks she is a cat I guess, on the top of the cat tower. I’m glad its not too far off the ground. See for yourself.



Close up. Someone, does not look like she is guilty of anything. She cracks me up.

And an update. She is back to normal. The medicine is working. Now all the doubts come into play. Does she really have MMM? Because if not, then she won’t need steroids anymore. I guess seeing her back to her crazy self is what is causing the doubts. I will talk to Dr. G Monday and see what he says. Because the meds would cause her to go back to normal even if she does have it. Which everyone is 100% she does. I just hate having to medicate her enough to kill her, to save her. I love this brat. So much.

Also a sweet pict of my niece and her dog. Hi Kat, your famous. Love u kiddo.


Picture by my bff Linda. Vampire dog is Scrappy.


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