Olivia Jean Ember

This darling little girl came to me back in November of 2012. She was totally neglected and had lived in a shed her first year. When they handed her to me she freaked out and defecated on herself and took a nip at me. Within an hour of getting her home she was my best friend.

  This is her when I brought her home.


And with many weeks of ivermectin shots, this is her now.


  When I rescue, I usually will not take a pet from a person. Only off the street but for her and even Ida the circumstances proved more than I was willing to put them though.

  This post is for the new rescue people that she went to today. Please print this out fo Olives new people.

About Olive.

1. She is house broken
2. She loves to play fetch.
3. She loves all kinds of toys. The noisier the better.
4. She has never met another critter she didn’t like.
5. When she first meets people, she takes a little while to warm up. A few hours usually at most. Though my mother in law, not so much.
6. She likes to perch on the back of the couch, I was unable to break her of this and due to my SPD I could not deal with this.
7. She is a major cuddle bug. I could not handle this either.
8. She loves her crate.
9. She is like most dogs I know, food aggresive towards other dogs. I could take her food/treats with no trouble.
10. She loved my husband and I equally.

So those are the things I can think of. I hope and Pray someone will comment here, even anonomously is fine, to let me know when she is adopted. I am honored to have known her. She is up to date on vaccines except rabies.

Addendum: when Olive is not wiggling in my lap I was ok. She’s just a wiggle worm when she is happy and it was too over stimulting to my nervous system. (I’m sorry baby girl!)


4 thoughts on “Olivia Jean Ember

  1. Hi kandi
    i was so looking forward to seeing n meeting olive jean .. I hope that if the god we beleave in that she can.have a family that will play ..and just hold her and sit and watch tv or just read or take a nap with her near .. i personly be very upset if baby finds a family that just thinks they want her n don’t take her to the foster she came from .. She deserve to feel the warmth n love after being denied it for most of her puppy life .. Linda

      • And you telling me that helps how? :o( your babies miss you too but you living away from them is best for all the dogs so they don’t fight. You do understand right? I’m doing the best for her.

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