Pictures of the day

Taylor, my baby, as I have mentioned before, is somehow my heart dog. I love taking pictures and she hates the camera, the ying to my yang lol.

A few minutes ago she was chomping at a flea, her meds are in my purse, she will get them today. (Thought it important to note that I will not let her get flea ridden) and I snuck close and pointed my phone at her. She did not know what I was up to and sweetly turned to look at me.


I got one more picture to see if I could get 2 good ones in a row, I mean, they are all of her so to me they are good (good and funny) but alas, she remembered immediately how she feels about the camera.


These pics are seconds apart. She slays me!

Then little Ida Kaye. She told me what for, for taking pictures of her sister. Sheesh. I feed them and they won’t even pose perdy for me.


Why you taking pictures of my foster sister huh?


No, seriously, I mean it. STOP NOW!


No, I’m not gonna pose either.

My delightful little girls.


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