Service Dog

That’s Taylors official title. My service dog to be exact. She isn’t really over bearing in her love sharing and doesn’t show a lot of affection for my friend Ro, (or me for that matter) except for a crazy hello.

  So tonight when Ro said, I feel like I’m going to have a seizure, and her eyes started twitching and she looked bad, Taylor was already in her lap trying to grasp her tongue and holding her down.

  I haven’t known this gal for long so I showed her Taylors Service Dog vest and explained that Taylor was alerting to her. I believe this is something neither of us will forget soon!


4 thoughts on “Service Dog

  1. Kandi
    wow never thought tay would grab someone toung i understand why but she might bit doing that right ? ..its great she felt that one comeing on ..tho ..
    about your kitty dam are you going ta be ok .? that’s wild think of it ..ied never thought she do your that way …had you been around a male cat just before that ? just trying to figer out cause of it you are also ..

    • I was sittin on the couch when Tay jumped on Ro and she was very gentle in her mouth. It was weird.

      And Cammie, nope, she was mad I wasn’t inside. Remember how she used to scream when I lived in KS? SHE IS WAY WORSE NOW!

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