Service Cat turned devil


I have a ton of pictures of Cammie laying on me happy as can be since I am inside on the couch. Never mind its because she bit me like a rabid coon not an hour ago.  I have been really messed up in pain for the last 6 wks, so she got used to me being inside again 24/7. I had to go outside and work on getting a load of scrap out of here and was outside a good 3 or 4 hours and when I walked in, she was screaming, so I bent down and gave her some nice pets and told her I wasn’t going to leave her and BAM kitty locked on Mama’s hand.  I helped her be born, little vixin. Now I am on red line watch. Fun. Here’s some more kitty is sorry and still loves me pictures. My favorite is my mad face. Lol



Crazy cat. Broke my heart.

Addendum: 11:30 pm and the hand is really sore but ok. I had a low grade fever a while ago but I think I’m gonna live! Oh and Cammie is now “Meanie Miss” to go with her ton of other nick names and yes she is laying in my lap as I type this up.


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