Ida and the buried treasure

As every one knows, Ida had a rough start. She is still going through the ringer though I can say that she is one of the smartest pups I have known. If she is behind the couch, I just have to tell her, come on out of there and she runs to me. Her recall (coming when called) is perfect with me, though she ignores her Daddy, update: just in, Daddy called her in the high pitched voice I use and she came right to him. Tip: never call a dog\pup unless you can get them front and center whether they want to be or not. Use a leash or long line like a tie out or lunge line and pull them to you, or, walk to get them and bring them to you, but never ever let them not come. Their life depends on it.



Ida hangs outside on a long tie out. We give her chew chips to work her disease riddled muscles and she goes and buries them outside when she has free time. She also remembers where in the field she hides them. She also hides them in the blanket I stay under on th couch and any where else she can. She had one in the dirty laundry and I found it and thre it on the floor and when she saw the clothes being removed she made us let her give it a good looking through.


We reduced the dexamethasone dose and two days later her mouth was already getting stuck. So, MMM it is and a reduction in the medicine we hope will save her but can kill her also, is not to be.

  And now some cutie pie pictures of my little foster girl.




Thanks for reading about our sweet babies.


2 thoughts on “Ida and the buried treasure

  1. Hello kandi ..
    do you recall when the dogs started digging in Helen s back yard ? did you ever hear what they was digging for turns out Dakota had taken shar n tys socks and buried them pretty deep around the yard ..and tay smelled it also but early spring Helen covered up most of the holes right but durt was flying again so allowed them to dig up what they was looking for two pair of socks one here one there ..
    Your right ..she’s smart little thing the center picture and the last one too ..

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