Ida moves on….


We are indigent. One disability check between 2 people. We do the best we can for what we have. The city (country? Living) we live in has stopped picking up scrapping garbage and we need to move anyways. (Landlord fixing things issue)

I am being medically helped by a vet who trusts my knowledge though he would also euthanise her if I said to, because MMM treatment is life threatening also. I see her suffering daily yet I cannot put her down. My husband and I are disabled, though sometimes I wish someone would shoot me because the pain is so bad, its not legal. My mini rescue efforts are called “last Chance resque” I only try to save animals worse off then me,98% are street dogs and I get them well and take them to one of the 2 local shelters that thankfully both work with rescues. She comes from a home where they were drug addicts and dropped many of their meds on the floor and I couldn’t refuse to take her in knowing the people they hung around were (yeah ok I don’t even have the words to describe them) like them. We met them because their current dog, is always running the street and we kept returning him. Now I just hang out with him a bit and let him back out.  He’s surprisingly in great shape, fully vetted and on flea control.


His owner is back in jail and surprisingly his GF hasn’t let him out (or he’s gone) in a few days.

But yeah, that’s why I took her. Idas time here is up. I’ve done what I can and now she has to move on. Hopefully she will find a cure. MMM sucks.

We love you girl so very much.

Medical info, Ida Kaye

Up till April 29 Ida was getting .75 mgs of Dexamethasone. On this day and in cordination with my vet we lowered the dose to 1/2 of that for 2 days due to excessive urination.

May 1st. She lost some range of motion in her jaw and was put back on .75 mgs.

May 2nd. Full range of motion comes back.

May 3rd to 7th got .5 mg

May 8th lost 50% range of motion. Gave her .2 & 1/2 mgs more, seemed to feel better a little bit.

May 9, ida can not open her mouth. My heart hurts.

Over 6 days her dose was increased to 1.5 mgs and tonight she seems to be more active. Sad eyes persisted over the last 2 wks.

Ida needs someone who can afford to care for her. I saved her once, I hope it was because she will be going on to better things. I would have given her up today, but I bought a lottery ticket and hoped I won so we could care for her. It wasn’t meant to be.

Please Pray for Idas continuing journey through life.


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