Missing Ida

I know with everything in me, (we could not even afford more pee pads), that we made the right choice for Ida. Though we are talking about her and missing her a lot. I don’t miss the pee all over (the steroids caused her to pee excessively and it is painful for me to bend over to clean up after her though I never punished her for it,) or the screaming (something she did on a constant basis, I have never tended to a dog that screamed like her, imagine a puppy on its first day in a new home, sad and missing its family, that was her the whole time we had her, she did not do seperation well at all), things that affect my sensories but are a part of tending a pup. but I miss ” Mommy snuggles” where she would come up to me and nurse on my shirt and give me love and I would make silly noises and say Wooba wooba woo. She loves silly noises.

  It is especially hard picking up the stuff she used. Her Mickey toy went with her but the rest is ready for the toy graveyard. We kept one torn lil toy that she really adored.

  Miss Ida we love you and are better for knowing you little gal.


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