My sweet lil friend


BAM BAM BAM BAM BAM goes my door at somewhere before light 0 thirty. My neighbor is hysterical, she is telling me of a wild dog that got Junie and broke his leg. The story went on to be 2 dogs, 2 large dogs, that she beat off with a broom stick. She said his harness saved him, because she was able to get him inside by picking him up by it as the dogs were still trying to get him. We live in the country and things like this are bound to happen, I’m angry he is hurt but I don’t blame her, there usually isn’t roaming dogs in our little piece of paradise.

We are the go to people around here for all things animal, I always have been. My HFA is probably the reason. When your autistic, it is said that there is one main interest that consumes you, mine is animals, all kinds and that’s what I like to talk about, to the exclusion of everything else. I tell people to fetch me in emergencies, because I am calm when most people are not and I am pretty good at knowing what to do, being able to assess the damage and give good advice, and if needed, stabalize the animal in need.

  So I go over to see my buddy and even though I am shaking from the door being beat on, I don’t care because I get to see my buddy again. I sat down on their bed near him and talked to him and he scooted over near me for loving and broke my heart. He definitely is hurt bad. Muscle is hanging out of his leg wound. He has another puncture in his face and the meaty part of his upper leg/thigh area. He bit his Mom already but when I was looking at his face he only did a tiny nip at the air. We called the emergency vet for them and we are just waiting for the call to go put him in the car. She requested I muzzle him (I have to muzzle him when I do his nails) but due to the face injury I refuse, I am pretty sure I can get him in the car without furthur injury to him or getting myself bit. I hope he is okay. He is a great boy. His Paternal Grandma will take care of the vet bill from what I was told. So, now to wait for the vet to call or my vet (his vet also) to open. Also, I’m pretty sure she won’t be letting him off his lead to chase kitties anytime soon. I hope she remembers to tell people that he loves cats when she tells her story, because she keeps leaving that out and it sounds pretty bad the way she tells it.

See you soon June Bug. I love you boy.

I will update here if I find anything else out, only 25 minutes till his vet opens. The other vet has yet to call back.


2 thoughts on “My sweet lil friend

  1. Kandi
    about this dog dam it sounds like it got hit by train huh…he will need some pin strip for sure .i dont know if he trust you enough to use some wound care it don’t burn n it really make n a place all tore up feel some better ..then ne o porn n ..on all of the sores .. the shot will do wonders …but he needs to stay quite ..when you put that save on him you need some gazes to put on it keep it covered for three or four days n nights not let flys get to it .. use that wound care two times a day gentely clean these places off if.he.will let you .ok let me know how it gos…oh.the.wound care you can get .or wall..marts .ok it cheep oh get two bottel s of it ..just to be o. safe.side…
    kandi …you know.your eather in Hutchison or witchita …up to u .. dreams linda

    • Thank u. I have less than 20 dollars and its going to take more than 500 to get me up there. But officially its my goal. I cannot afford to buy anything for the kitty but I gave him antibiotics to try to keep infection away. I will check him again tonight for swelling, so far it is not swelling.

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