Every where I go there is sadness


Last night I heard a cat meowing and this lil man was running around. He has mange on his tail base and bite marks in his neck, oil on his feet and ribs sticking out so bad. So I fed him. I wish I could do more. But I gave the lady here a half case of canned food and I used Cam and Skitz dry food.

I am in a hotel. I left a bad relationship. I left the man who told me the other day I will never find someone who loves me like him. I am happy about that. Because he hurt my senses badly. He stalked me, he cussed at me, he put me down. And I broke free. There is more. I want to forget but I don’t. I never want to be put down and hurt again. And it was more than that. I am on ssi and he isn’t. But yet he is disabled and no income on his own, he needs to find out what is wrong because his work ethic is non exsistant.  And and…

So now, day 2 I am feeling better, resting and Praying I can find a way to get out of the hotel without ending up homeless. A lady (left unamed for her protection) gave me 140.00 to help so I got a room for a week. My time is up next Wednesday. So while I am here I will help the critter God put in my path the best I can. I will feed him. I will not trap him and take away his life. I don’t have it in me. If your reading this and wish to adopt the lil orange man please leave me a message. I will do everything in my power to get him to you. Which means, the foot work. Because I have no funds available to help myself, much less him.


And just because this little doll brings me happiness.


This is Brooklyn Paige. I lost all my childhood dolls when my care taker got drunk and threw them out along with my stuffed animals. I am trying to heal and be positive and move forward but I never get the down time in a safe place to just heal. I am working on that now. I want to see my best friend Linda and  I miss my daughter and want to meet my Grandaughter. Please Pray that I can. Isn’t she cute?


And this is my beautiful daughter.


Please comment if you read this. I feel so alone.


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