Musings of waking

Medical conditions diagnosed with, HFA, SPD, ARTHRITIS, OSTEOARTHRITIS, WORST NECK XRAY FOR SOMEONE MY AGE- TOLD IT LOOKS LIKE A 60 YEAR OLD FACTORY WORKER, RESIDUAL OF A ZILLION INJURIES (this one is what I use because I lived fun when I was younger and due to lack of cordination I got hurt a lot, including but not limited to falling off 2 tractor trailer semi’s and being slammed, kicked, and landed on by different horses.), ASTHMA,ENDOMETRIOSIS, PID, INCOMPETENT CERVIX, BRONCHITIS, MIGRAINES, SINUSITIS,

All these things and no proper medical care. All because I have a book with every prescription I have taken over the years but the Dr. In Avon Park I saw, (I’m lookin at you Dr. Karr) said it was medicine seeking behavior. When in fact its extreme OCD. BAHH. WHATEVER. I gave up and take what ever I can get at the store. Over 6 mos with out medical care. There was one Dr. After him but they were in contact and he treated me like dirt from the start. No one understands Autism.

And then this morning the neighbor asked me to let her boyfriend stay in my room when her Mom and parole officer visit. Uhhh NO! .I don’t let men in my room. I’m Married. (Seperated but still married, bound by my vow) she is living illegally because a condition of her release was to stay away from this guy. 5 yrs in Prison and not abiding by the law. Back in she should go. I don’t want to get hurt so I will stay out of it 100%. But it freaks me out. She wears an ankle tracker and carries a box that goes to it also. I’m so glad I’m a good girl.

Skitz is going back to his Dad. I asked my Mom to take him but all her cats are old and passing away and she doesn’t want more. Boy kept me awake all night and I’m hurting so bad. My eyes are itty bitty puffy slits.


  He’s a tool and always been his Dads cat. I never wanted a second cat. As a matter of fact my husband always said I had one (Cammie) and it was only fair he had one too. So he can step up and care for his cat. I don’t do well on no sleep.

That stray cat came back last night. I started him on antibiotics and he ate good. He likes the neighbor better than me but she’s been here 7 mos and has fed him before. I hope he is ok after I leave here.


  Well I think I will end here. I have a big day of resting and maybe travelling.


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