Bedtime soon

I missed seeing the kitty last night but my neighbor fed him, I checked his bowl and it had food in it. I left her canned food and I just fed him tonight dry and wet. Not sure where the neighbor is as I haven’t seen her all day.


I hate to have to leave him in 2 days. At least now I cannot feel his ribs much.

I took Skitz home. I am glad I did. They were happy to see each other. They are quite bonded.

I had a good nights sleep and productive day, for me. I got al my stuff organized that I will be traveling with and got myself fed. I had 3 doses off pain meds today. I called my pharmacy and got a miracle, they had a refill of my Tramadol that I didn’t have before. Weird. Miracle of the mos! I took 2 this morning. 2 butabiline around 1 and 4 ibuprophen tonight. I haven’t felt this good in a long time.


Those stupid people are still letting their dogs out and they have chased Taylor 5 times already. I don’t let them get close enough to bite her though. The first time was one time too many!


2 thoughts on “Bedtime soon

  1. Hi kandi ..
    Don’t Tay look great ?? i think so and thank u for the picture ..! i can’t understand why any other dog would bite her ..
    good thing your feeling better lady .. isn’t today the.28 th that’s what the bank told me anyway
    let me know how your doing n where you are from time to time ..don’t want to lose track of ya ..that sounded.awful but did mean.for it to ..later i gave five baths tonight six counting myself later Linda

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